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Infographic: For Brands, Influencers Are More Powerful Than Celebrities Analyzing the biometric resp

The “skip” button is a blessing for ad-hating consumers and a curse for advertisers. But new research suggests there’s a key way to keep Gen Zers and younger millennials watching: use influencers.

Fullscreen partnered with research lab MediaScience to study 13- to 24-year-olds’ biometric responses to ads, brands and social influencer content. And the data is promising for brands—about 40 percent of participants have shared sponsored content. The outlook is particularly rosy for brands that utilize influencers and digital creators in their ads. Over half (58 percent) of 13- to 24-year-olds don’t skip digital creator content, compared with preroll ads (15 percent) and TV ads (26 percent).

“Our study found that influencer-branded content delivers TV-like emotions, higher attention than preroll and stronger brand impact across the board that hints at a deeper level of connection between audience and format,” said Pete Stein, general manager, Fullscreen. “Today’s youth audiences are a complex mix of ad avoiders and brand advocates. Marketers need nuanced approaches to effectively impact them.”

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