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About Pulp You

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Pulp You is a Global Arena for 15-30 year olds to be profiled, rated, participate in challenges and earn status points. Individuals will become Pulp Celebs and Individual Brands as they broadcast themselves to the world and compete and network with other users (Pulpsters). They will also be commercially rewarded for their efforts, with users also being given access to Pulp Talent.

The Pulp You brand will become the premiere global game that is all about fun, exposure, participation, sharing passions, and talents for the younger generation. It is raw, loud, flamboyant and in your face as you compete against other users.

Pulp You is a global, digital arena, targeting a multi-screen approach across all social media platforms. User generated content, rated videos/photos, networking, and gamification are all core elements of the digital strategy.

What Makes Pulp You Unique?      

Net Idols, individual brands, and digital celebs, people who want credence amongst their peer group, currently exist in isolation & are generally non-incentivized across numerous social media platforms.

The Pulp You platform draws young talented and 'wanna be ' users and their fans together into a 'digital game ' where they can compete against each other in a number of ways and be commercially rewarded.

Every time a user accesses and uses the site they have the opportunity to win fans, prizes and earn points thereby moving through key status levels . This creates a sense of gamification and competition amongst users in the one place. This can be public for the world to see, or within their own social groups - competing against their friends, clubs, university dorms and regions.

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